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New Feature: Edit or Delete Your Forum Posts


Posted by midtownmjd on February 26, 2010

Hi everyone,

A bit of good news: we've implemented the editing function you all requested a while ago, so you can now edit or delete your own forum posts.

Please note that, to preserve the integrity of forum conversations, you can only edit or delete your post when it's the last one in a thread.

As always, thanks for your input, and let us know if you have any questions about the new functionality!


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Reply by MilwVon on February 26, 2010

WOOHOO - nice. Thanks for the update Michelle.



Reply by callen60 on March 02, 2010

May I suggest another new feature? Or just making a current practice applicable to older pieces? There's a difference in the way older stories/tips are listed within journals. Constructing every entry (story/tip or review) starts with identifying the place you're writing about, but also asks for your own headline. In journals, the older story/tips appear listed by the place name, while the newer ones are listed by the author-provided headline.

For example, a two-year-old story I edited yesterday about the remote Toroweap site at the Grand Canyon simply appears in its journal as 'Grand Canyon National Park', instead of under 'The Canyon, Solo: Toroweap and Dreamland Safari Tours' headline that would make it a lot more informative. Any chance of an update?


Reply by midtownmjd on March 02, 2010


That is an excellent catch!

I fixed the title issue in the journal you mention, and in another one where I saw this happening--but do you see this occurring anywhere else? (And does anyone else have this issue in their journals?)

This title problem should be pretty isolated, and I don't believe it's tied to how old a journal is (though we're looking into it to confirm that that's the case). It should only occur when a story/tip was processed as though it was a review of a specific attraction (e.g., attached to our Grand Canyon activity listing) rather than as a story/tip. Generally, stories/tips are not attached to activity listings, and thus their author-provided headlines prevail.

That said, perhaps the best fix would be to display the author-provided headline of a story/tip regardless of the way it's processed. We'll take a look and see how we can make the update.

Thanks for bringing this up, and please do let me know if you see this happening elsewhere!



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