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Traveling to Lisbon with teens

Posted by HannahKelly on February 18, 2010

Me, my husband and our 2 daughters of 14 and 17 will, for the first time, travel to Europe! We've traveled inside the states but never really got out of it, so our teens (but us as well) are really excited to go! We've decided to go to Lisbon for a week in August and later go to the south of Portugal for one week more. Since we have never left the states we don't know if we'll be able to get around by just speaking English as we don't speak Portuguese at all. Has anyone traveled to Lisbon before, who can give us advice on the country? We are looking for places to visit in Lisbon that are not so touristy but if there are any must see sites worth visiting we don't mind going for it. We enjoy active holidays so any suggestions regarding that are welcomed. Will Lisbon be fun and entertaining for our teens?


Reply by koshkha on February 18, 2010

Lisbon is great - I think you'll love it and don't worry too much about the language - hardly anyone who isn't Portuguese can speak the language and they even pretend they can't understand the Brazilian Portuguese.

Great city, lots to see, excellent value for money. And the places that ARE touristy are popular for good reasons.


Reply by Slug on February 21, 2010

Yes Portugal is easy to get around. We went by train from Porto to Cascais via Lisbon and then down to the Algarve last summer.

Cascais is about the nicest of the beach resorts close to Lisbon; it would be quite cool to hang out there for a teen, and the beach to the north of Cascais is a wonderful quiet surfer's hang out, with a few quality (and expensive) hotels and restaurants around. We really enjoyed staying there.

The Algarve is busier and tackier with lots of British and German package tourist hang outs. The bars are blaring out soccer matches and sell English beer, and English food. Not my idea of fun, but I'm sure you can choose carefully. I'd go north to Porto from Lisbon, but perhaps it wouldn't be exciting enough for teens.

Hope this helps - Chris


Reply by cosmixblues on February 22, 2010

Lisabon is great place for anyone. i think Your kids would enjoy Aquarium in Parco de naciones and cable car ride over the river.

Reply by jackhudson on May 22, 2010

So. You're planning a family trip to Europe. You have teenage children and you're bound and determined to introduce them to the richest art and historical treasures of the world, and instill in them a life-long love of travel and cultural exploration.

Enjoy your tour!!

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