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katelios in may

Posted by marionhol on February 01, 2010

hubby and i are going to katelios for 1 week in may... apreciate any info ....such as money and is there a hole in the wall...eating out and shops etc...trips....anything in fact marion

GB from Devizes

Reply by GB from Devizes on February 02, 2010

Hi Marion

Katelios is pretty sleepy, just a few bars and restaurants and a lovely beach. Closest ATM would be in either Skala to the east or Lassi to the west so make sure you carry enough Euros to see you through a few days at a time.

The buses on the island are somewhat scarce and radiate from Argostoli so it's best to either rent a car for a few days or take some organised excursions. A car will cost you around 30-35 euros a day but if you rent for say 4-5 days, you should be able to negotiate a decent reduction in the daily rate to around 25 euros.

Excursions can be booked in the village via a local excursion office - avoid booking through the accommodation or tour personnel as they will charge at least 20% more for an identical trip. Most of the island's best sights are within the southern half of the island, check out my Kefalonia journals for where to go and what to do.

Reply by marionhol on February 02, 2010

hi thanx for that.we stopping at studios notos.we want a really laidback break....few retsinas and watch the world go by.will read your journals they take debit cards in restaurants.....any mozzies lol.and has harbour got finished that iv been reading about... thanx again marion xxxxxxxx

Reply by marionhol on February 02, 2010

oh also is anywhere in walking distance thanx m xxx

GB from Devizes

Reply by GB from Devizes on February 03, 2010

Hi again

Mozzies shouldn't be an issue in may, they prefer the very humid evenings that you tend to get in late June - late August when it might still be 25C at 8pm. I was last there last year and the harbour was still being built so I'm not sure how that's progessing. Regarding the debit card question, some do, some don't so personally, I'd rather use cash or a credit card. If you decide to see some of the island, then be aware that most shops, tavernas and fuel stations in rural areas will be cash only.

There are plenty of lovely walks in either direction from the village, one of the nicest is to walk east along the coast towards Kaminia beach.

Reply by marionhol on February 07, 2010

thanx for this.we goin away in september ....maybe tunisia or fuertuventura.....we lik pretty not to much noise....beach ...walks....laidback... any suggestions ...thanks marion xxx

GB from Devizes

Reply by GB from Devizes on February 08, 2010

Hi again

I thought you were going to Kefalonia???? - can't help with Tunisia or Fuertaventura I'm afraid.....

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