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Posted by Jacobchristp on February 01, 2010

Hi all, Can any one tell a good discount hotels or a good website to find details about these hotels in bangkok

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Reply by Overlander on February 03, 2010

Try I've been using it for a long time and have saved a whole lot of money by doing so. Also, check out the Sathorn Villa on Sathorn Tai, which is very conveniently located downtown not far from Silom Rd. According to this website, which I've just checked, ( ) a double is going for US$31 a night. My wife and I have stayed there numerous times and have been well-pleased each time. Very nice staff, too, but then Thai hotel personnel are usually really nice. This hotel is part of the Felix chain, a local Thai operation. You get all the usual stuff like pool and what-not, but you don't pay an arm and a leg.


Reply by nofootprint on February 07, 2010

We always use .They have some great prices. Make sure you stay near transportion

Reply by bigbren on February 25, 2010

Try Used them last month to stay at the Indra Regent hotel. Fantastic hotel in the centre of all the shopping etc. Nice rooms and go for the offer of inclusive breakfast!!

Reply by JStockard on February 26, 2010

I went to recently Vietnam and booked on Easy to use and it gave me the best rates so I highly recommend it.

Reply by Nicholas Brown on April 07, 2010

There is a great suggestion for you. There are many travel websites to choose from for cheap accommodation Bangkok where you will enjoy yourself. Take a look at:

Reply by worldsnightlife on July 02, 2010

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Reply by koonel on July 04, 2010

Not all cheap hotels have websites or even take bookings from travel booking companies.

Sometimes you get your best recommendations or suggestions by simply stating the price you want to pay for a hotel in "X" city on a travel forum for that country and wait for the ideas to come back. If you arrive during the day hours, with a list of potential hotels you can even do some calling from the airport and ask if they have vacancies. Don't use a term like "cheap" or "economy" use a figure in the country's currency or at least something common like US dollars or UK pounds. What I think is cheap may be different than your cheap price!

I know that in Bangkok you can get a room with air, hot water, private toilet, TV and maid service starting around 600-700 baht. Lower prices for dorms and fan only rooms. For Bangkok a room around 800 to 1000 baht is not that bad. Smaller cities have rooms with air starting at lower prices. For longer stays ask for a discount.

Even a simple Google check will produce hotels gleaned from various travel forums and other hotel advertising. Some of that hotel information can be used when you consult travel forums.

Good luck.

Reply by johnmayer on December 09, 2011

Great advice above by koonel. Hope you have a great time in Bangkok.

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