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New wine country

Posted by Pennsylvanian on January 12, 2010

Planning on making a trip to Plymouth and Amador County later this year, we are interested in visiting the new winerys in the Plymouth area, Whats more to do and see and in the area?

Reply by Sactoman on January 15, 2010

Plymouth, the heart of gold and Californias new wine country, great tourist area, lots to do and see, check out http://www.touramador.com and http://www.ci.plymouth.us/

Reply by Sactoman on January 15, 2010

sorrygang thats Plymouth California http://www.ci.plymouth.ca.us/

Reply by kelvinn on February 10, 2011


I took a wine tour last year with Roadrunner Shuttle services. They do offer a wine tour program. Check at www.rrshuttle.com.

This might be of a great help to you.


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