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Road Trip From California to Augusta, Georgia


Posted by pinkdragon6987 on January 08, 2010

I am going crazy trying to create of lists of things to do and get before I leave California & move to Augusta, Georgia to be with my boyfriend. Long beautiful love story if anyone wants to hear :) Has anyone drove from California to Georgia? If so, what was the best & safest way? I printed out like three different maps and I don't want to drive thru the mountains etc and get stuck out in the middle of on where LOL. The maps that I have state it will take like me 40 hours to drive.


Reply by MilwVon on January 09, 2010

I think I10 or I40 are the two main ways to get across the USA, depending on where in Califoria you're starting. My sister did the Virginia to Phoenix and/or San Diego trip a couple of times and I think 40 hrs. sounds about right.

I would think I40 would be closer coming into Augusta than I10 (which hugs the Gulf of Mexico coast).

Beyond that I'm not much help . . . sorry.

Enjoy your trip and life w/ your b/f.



Reply by barbara on January 09, 2010

We lived in California once and used to drive the southern route through Texas. It's a looonnnggg trip, and that particular state always seemed to go on forever, take the longest. When you get out of Lone Star country though, you'll feel like you're actually getting somewhere. :) To break up such a long trip, I definitely advise finding a few cool spots where you can spend the night and maybe see an interesting sight or two along the way. There are even some guidebooks that show highlights along the main roads, so you might poke through some of these to help decide your route.

Regardless of how you get there, I hope you settle well in Augusta. Granted, I'm a little partial to my home state of Georgia, but they don't call it "Southern hospitality" for nothing. I'm sure you'll feel at home in no time. Good luck!

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