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Posted by koshkha on February 12, 2009

I'm still very new and not sure how things work around here so please forgive if this is a daft question.

I was wondering if it's considered valid to write a review recommending books or films that give a good 'feel' of a city before you go or are ideal to read whilst you are visiting a place. I've had some great experiences taking novels about places I'm visiting and reading them 'in situ'. Would these get a good reception on igougo?
I'm thinking of "Recommended reading/viewing before visiting X".

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Reply by oldscratch on February 12, 2009

Hi koshkha,

Welcome to the site and thanks for the great question!

Recommendations of books and movies to watch before going on a trip is the perfect kind of writing for our site. True, it doesn't quite fit as a review of a hotel, restaurant, or attraction, but such recommendations would be perfect to include in of our Experience reviews. Experiences don't have to be about anything in particular--they're just a free-form way to share whatever you'd like about a particular destination.

We look forward to your recommendations. If you have questions about how to write an experience let me know. (You can get started on our Share Page.)



Reply by oldscratch on February 12, 2009

Actually, just did a search, and here's an example of a member who's used an Experience for just such a reason: Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.


Reply by actonsteve on February 13, 2009

To be honest you can genreally write about anything at Igougo - thats what the Experience section is generally used for.

I'm a terrible one for integrating film examples into the text (generally Bond locations) but it does give the reader something to grasp and relate too if they have seen the place on the big screen.


Reply by koshkha on February 13, 2009

Thanks everyone. I'll get thinking.
I once spent a few days in a hotel in Mumbai with a local guidebook in one hand and a fantastic novel in the other. I learned a lot more about the city from the novel!

Wildcat Dianne

Reply by Wildcat Dianne on July 28, 2009

Before going to Paris in 1985, I read "A Tale of Two Cities" for one of my senior books. I was going to Paris with my French Club, and I thought it was great to read about what life was like during the French Revolution since we were going to be visiting some of the sites of the Reign of Terror including Place de la Concorde. The parts of the book about Madame La Farge knitting as heads rolled from the guillotine stuck in my head before and during the trip, and I envisioned the sound of the guillotine chopping off heads as I walked through Place de la Concorde about 6 months after reading the book.

Books and movies about the places we visit in history are definitely important to get to know the people involved in history and grasp aspects of them.

My recommendations:

1. Paris: "A Tale of Two Cities"
2. Normandy and Omaha Beach: "Saving Private Ryan" and numerous first-hand accounts on D-Day.
And so on and so forth!


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