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Cabo san Lucas transportation

Posted by JJtraveltoo on November 22, 2009

Can you take a bus from the airport to Pueblo Bonito at Sunset Beach or their other property in town?

Reply by JJtraveltoo on November 22, 2009

Any tips?

Reply by mkallevig on February 22, 2010

The last time I was in Cabo there were Lots of busses and vans at the airport for rides into Cabo to all of the properties. Beware though that these are mostly high pressure time share sales people. You'll find that a lot in all of Mexico. It's probably best to arrange transportation before you go. But if not, I've taken these busses and just said no to the time-share sales pitch and had no problem. They even stopped along the way at a liquor store to load up. Just remember the time-share thing, they are very clever getting you interested.

Reply by MDFD on October 08, 2010

check out Viator. They service cancun. had great service in bahamas. they service other areas as well.

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