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Other Uses of IgoUgo Journals & Reviews


Posted by MilwVon on March 09, 2009

The discussion started by Barbara morphed into something that struck a chord with me regarding the use of the journals & reviews that I have contributed.

In addition to the content provided here on the site itself, I also take the information and have created my own travel diary, creating word documents and/or PDF's for each review I've written. I have then in a large binder by geographic location and use them to share with others when questions come up about places we go frequently . . . like Hawaii.

I have also used this technique to create a nice summary review of a trip when others have traveled with us. My mother-in-law loved the 1" binder I created that recapped our two weeks in the UK. It was like reading a travel book for her, a book she lived first hand.


Reply by barbara on March 09, 2009

The binder idea for your mother-in-law is fabulous, MilwVon. I've done a similar thing with some scapbooks... adding ticket stubs and the like to printed out entries so that there is text to read about special places. I don't do this with all of them though. I do like your idea of a giant binder with the print-outs of all journals written catalogued... just in case there was ever a reason that the site wasn't here. The thought of printing out ALL my journals though! Whew! THAT'S overwhelming!


Reply by MilwVon on March 09, 2009

I actually have created a template as the IgoUgo format has changed over the years and with all the hyper-links, etc. the reviews do not print out very cleanly. I also include photos at the bottom of each page, from that particular review. They are small (2x2 or so) but they give some color to the story.

If anyone is interested in a sample of such a review page, please feel free to write me directly at timesharevon@aol.com and I'll send you one.


Reply by BawBaw on March 09, 2009

I've done similar things with travel reviews. It's very satisfying to retain such records of special times in our lives. It's a bit like a cross between a Bill Bryson travelogue and a scrapbook.

Reply by StacyCarson on October 15, 2010

That is a great idea creating an E-book about your travels. That would be so much more informational than just taking photos and saving them. I will have to remember that on my next trip! Thanks, MilwVon!



Reply by MilwVon on October 16, 2010

Happy to share Stacy. I'll have to look you up to see some of your travel adventures!


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