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Vote in the U GO! Awards & See New Features


Posted by midtownmjd on October 29, 2009


I'd like to share what's new at IgoUgo today, including U GO! Awards voting!

Yes, voting is now open for the 2009 U GO! Awards. Thank you to everyone who sent in nominations, and congratulations to all our nominees. On second thought, thank you to our nominees as well: perhaps no one inspired us to travel in 2009 more than you all did! Voting will remain open until November 11, but you may want to start reviewing nominees now.

As for other news, there are a couple of small changes I think you'll find useful.

First, now when you log in and scroll over "Your Stuff," you'll see your three most recent trips listed along with the usual links. I hope these additions save you a click here and there!

Second--and you can thank one of our members for this suggestion--we added star icons to the titles of Best of IgoUgo reviews and stories within journals. Check them out here:

Now you'll always be able to tell which reviews have received Best of IgoUgo kudos.

So again, kudos to all our U GO! nominees, and happy voting!


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Reply by koshkha on October 29, 2009

Can anyone tell me who's eligible to vote? Is it members only?


Reply by airynfaerie on October 29, 2009

I noticed those changes today! I really think they're useful additions! Thanks


Reply by midtownmjd on October 30, 2009


Anyone can vote, actually, so feel free to spread the word!

And airynfaerie, I'm glad you're liking the new enhancements!


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