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Dubai! A Shopper’s Delight

Posted by shyam25 on October 19, 2009

Dubai, the glitzy financial capital of the United Arab Emirates, becomes home to nearly 3.5 million visitors during the famous Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF). Known in Arabic as 'Layali Dubai', DSF was started in February 1996 by the Dubai government as a pure retail event to promote trade. Today it is an annual shopping, entertainment, and cultural extravaganza that continues to draw tourism in Dubai. Held between January and February, the festival has incredible bargains, promotions and raffle draws in store. Imagine - with a AED 200 raffle coupon, you could drive away in a Lexus or win a Nissan. Whether you are flying out from the UK or from India, your local carriers too will have attractive packages on offer in this period.

The rest of the year too, shopaholics would find Dubai a shopper’s paradise. Ikea, Carrefour, Tiffany & Co, Rivoli, Spinney’s, Giordano, Delsey to name a few, world-famous brands occupy prime retail space in Dubai. Its sprawling malls have an average of 250 retails outlets across multiple levels. Plan your stay meticulously. Book a hotel close to the big shopping malls like the Mall of Emirates. If the 5 star hotel in the Mall does not fit your bill, you could book into a budget, luxury, 3 star hotel right across there.

The general consensus for the shoppers in Dubai is to go big or go home; an idea amplified at the duty-free shopping at Dubai International Airport as well. It recorded sales of $1.1bn last year, placing it ahead of London's Heathrow and Seoul's Incheon International Airport. Even the busy, overnight business traveler would find it irresistible not to stop by the duty-free.


Reply by koshkha on October 19, 2009

Personally I think Dubai is horribly over-rated. The last time I was there I was on the lookout for a camera and an IPod. A bit of googling and I was able to find both back home in the UK for less than I could get locally.

I'd advise to always price-check everything and to also make sure any guarantees are international.

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