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Posted by Elena1111 on October 15, 2009


I am going to go to Geneva, Switzerland for 10 days. I will travel with my little son 4 years old, that is why I decided to hire a car. But I am not very experienced person in this issue.

Maybe you can help me advising a reliable and not very expensive Geneva car hire company.

I also need child seat... can I rent it with the car or should I bring my own?

I'm sorry for my ignorance, but I really would like to spend a good time there.

UK Flower Girl

Reply by UK Flower Girl on October 15, 2009

I cannot advise you on a cheap car rental place, but I can offer suggestions on the car seat. We have rented car seats a few times from car rental companies. I have found that the companies are not very helpful. They throw a seat at you and expect you to install it in the car (with no instructions). They are also usually low-quality, uncomfortable seats. I am not saying they are unsafe, just not as nice as one you would probably choose for your own child.

The charge for a baby seat varies, too. We have had $X per day, $X per rental, etc. Sometimes on a long rental the cost is comparable to buying a new one. If we are on a long trip we almost always bring a seat. On a short trip we almost always rent.

As far as a car rental goes, you really need to check around with all of the major car rental companies for the best price. There are so many factors involved that they vary so much.


Reply by Elena1111 on October 16, 2009

UK Flower Girl, thank you very much for your reply.You provide very useful information for me. Probably, I will take my own child seat!

Moreover, I have found one car hire company. But they ask me to pay the total sum before taking a car. I paid via bank...Is it OK?

Because I thought that it is necessary to pay only a part of the total price as security deposit and remaining amount should be paid when I pick up my car at rental office... But they asked me to pay total amount in advance and when I take my car I should pay nothing.... Please answer me as fast as possible, I am very nervous.

Do you know something about this company? And is it OK to pay the total amount in advance?

There is the link: http://www.decodecarhire.co.uk/car-hire/switzerland/geneva.html

UK Flower Girl

Reply by UK Flower Girl on October 18, 2009

I don't know anything about the company. We have almost always used a credit card. Usually when picking up the car we give them our credit card information and are charged when returning the car. Different companies do it different ways though...hope all goes well.


Reply by Elena1111 on October 21, 2009

Hello, everyone! I am writing you from Geneva! It is an amazing city... My son told me that he saw this city in his dream, where he was a flying boy :) Probably, it is a little fairytale for both of us. :)

And speaking about car hire company. It was OK with them. They took a total amount as security deposit and when I got my car I paid nothing.

So, I am very satisfied and happy about everything :) Thank you for you replies!!!

Reply by sophiewilson on February 06, 2013

It is really cool that you got really what you wanted and your car hire company did not disappoint you. I travel a lot and need to hire regularly. But recently I have found a company and I am really liking it. Check out www.getacarhire.com if you must.

Have a safe trip with your son! =)

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