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Sao Paulo opinions?

Posted by pearla22 on October 09, 2009

Last year I was super excited to make a trip to visit my friend in Brazil- all the Brazilians I have ever met are so full of life and so friendly. I had never been to Brazil before, so Sao Paulo was my first experience in the country. It wasn't at all what I had expected... I thoroughly enjoyed my trip there but I found the city to be very modern, expensive and grey and a little dull. Does anyone have any recommendations for next time when I go? Maybe my friend didn't take me to the right places. I also want to make a trip to Rio de Janeiro, which I hear is amazing. One thing is for sure though- Brazilians are very fun people!

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Reply by RodrigoPintoSP on October 10, 2011

Sao Paulo can be a little grey and dull if you're on a tight business schedule, stuck in the nightmarish traffic or just fail to visit the best bits of the city. While many foreigners (and locals) prefer Itaim and Jardins area, I like Vila Madalena better. It has a nice mix of bars, restaurants, design shops and all is concentrated in just a few blocks, making easy to walk around (despite the steep hills!). There are nice green plazas and parks nearby (such as my favorite Praca do Por do Sol - Sunset Square) to unwind from the hustle and bustle of the city. And even with so many things to do in SP, don't fail to go to Rio next time - it's wonderful and only a short 45 min. flight away!

Reply by annecalla on November 02, 2011

Any thoughts on the Rent a Local Friend tours? 26 good reviews on Trip Advisor. I'm there for business and have a free day but I'll be traveling by myself and from what I've read, safety can be an issue in some parts of Sao Paulo. Thanks!

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