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planning to go to havana cuba on a jetski from key west


Posted by carlos_33010 on October 05, 2009

What legal documents do I need to go to cuba and who is allowed to go and who is not?

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Reply by ak1 on October 16, 2009

You seriously think you can go 90 miles on a jetski and get into Cuba? Why?

Reply by Shelly120 on January 14, 2010

As far as I know you need your passport and ID like any other country. You shouldnt need any special documentation to enter the country, but if you wanted to leave from the US without sneaking around, youd have to apply for a permit and theyre only granted for very specific reasons. From what Ive read its technically not illegal to visit cuba but it is illegal to spend ANY money there or to accept "gifts" from cuban people, and thats just US law, Cubans dont mind US tourists spending money.

Reply by Lanciano on March 17, 2012

Hi, Im Cuban and Im leaving myself tomorrow with my American boyfriend you should only need your passport as an ID, Cuba does not have a problem with you going the US is the one that doesn't want you going so that you don't help the Cuban economy with your money, but since your going via the sea your not gonna have your passport stamped or anything so you won't have a problem, if any Cuban coastguards ask you what your doing when your close to their coast just show your passport and tell them you came to eat there n return back to Florida later, you should be fine. and when your by the US border again if you are asked anything just say you were jet skiing around you don't have to say you went to Cuba for anything. hope that helps. :)

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