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Posted by kathleicester on March 01, 2009

Weddings in Pakistan are a joy to experience!! Lasting for more than four days, the beauty of the women, their clothes (and those of the main menfolk) and the venues is breathtaking.
However, the city was a strange mixture of poverty and affluence. Whilst there are a lot of smart cars on the roads, most of the vehicles are poorly-maintained rickshas, taxis and motorbikes - all spewing out toxic fumes. The colourful buses were well-used as evidenced by passengers travelling both inside and on the roof! Open sewers were much in evidence around the Clifton area, adding to the overall stench in the air.
The people I encountered were very friendly and helpful - the manager of the guest house at which I stayed took me by taxi to Clifton beach (goat's head and litter) and the local suicide bridge! The indoor markets were colourful and cheap - but avoid Delhicolony, its smell will turn your stomach on a sultry day!!
In all, a visit I'm glad to have made - for the wedding - but I wish I'd left for Dubai for the remains of my stay.


Reply by koshkha on March 01, 2009

Did you mean to post that in the forum or did you intend to submit it as an 'experience'?


Reply by phileasfogg on March 01, 2009

I second koshkha on that! If you add more detail and jazz it up with some photos, you'll probably win points for it too...

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