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Riga in less than 9 hours?


Posted by fallschirmhosen on August 26, 2009

Hi All,

Can anyone recommend things to see and do in Riga when on a layover of less than 9 hours? I plan on taking the #22 bus from the airport to the Old Town area, then explore the city on foot for a few hours.



Reply by michaelhudson on September 05, 2009

Get off the 22 the stop at Stockmann (the big Finnish-owned department store) and cross the main road by way of the pedestrian underpass for the Old Town. Have some food and Latvian honey beer at the Lido (Alus Seta) around the corner from Dome Square and walk up to the Freedom Monument. If you've got the time and money, have a drink in the Sky Line bar at the Hotel Latvia (the big hotel on the other side of the monument) The Old Town is compact enough that you can see everything in a couple of hours if you're in a hurry. You can get the 22 back to the airport from the stop behind the train station, which is opposite the Central Market and within sight of the Academy of Sciences Building.


Reply by Elena1111 on October 14, 2009

I think you should walk in Old Town to feel its beautiful atmosphere. You can visit St. Peter's Church to enjoy the view of Old Town from a high tower. Then you can go to House of Blackheads, one of the loveliest buildings in Old Town. This building belonged to unmarried foreign merchants, and there is rather nice collection of silver. Speaking about meal I also advice you to go to Lido to eat real Latvian food. besides, you can also visit big Riga market. It is one of the biggest roofed markets in Baltic. Of course, freedom monument... and near it is very nice park.


Reply by Elena1111 on October 16, 2009



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Reply by lauferb on March 05, 2010

I recommend you to go to the central market in Riga, it's next to the bus station and very interesting place to see and also "feel" the riga market atmosphere :)
I put some pictures of it in my web site here:
cheers :)

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