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Questions regarding a 21-day trip


Posted by golfgt on August 26, 2009

Any info or somments please?
I am planning a trip for MAY 2010, flying from SFO to Barcelona,(or NY and do one night NYC),for 3-4 nts Barcelona, then south along eastern coast, a few nights, then staying in timeshare resorts one wek each to Malaga area, visit Granada, Seville, and Cordoba, and home via MADRID.
Would 3 weeks be enough time to see a lot of things? Should I jsut pick out mAJOR attractions I want to see on this first trip, lets say IN CASE I am not able to ever return??? Please advise
Merrilyn in SAN JOSE, CA
Muchas gracia, maria lena de familia perez

UK Flower Girl

Reply by UK Flower Girl on September 13, 2009

My husband and I spent ten days going from Madrid down through Toledo, Granada, Cordoba, Malaga, Gibraltar, Ronda, Jerez and back up to Madrid. It was a decent amount of time time to see what we wanted to see. My only regret was not seeing Seville and not getting more time in Madrid. And the last day of driving was too much.

Three weeks might be enough, but that is alot of driving from Barcelona all the way down to Malaga then back through Madrid. Spain is a large country. You will love so much that you will wish that you had more time in these places.

Good luck and have fun!!

Reply by BCNSue on October 01, 2009

Hi Merrilyn, Spain is a great country to visit and because it is so very different in all the various regions, you will not want to rush through it. Just comparing Barcelona to Madrid, you would think they were in 2 different countries! So, don't try to pack too many places in but enjoy those that you see. Barcelona is a fabulous city and full of amazing architecture (Gaudi's work to name one!), culture & it has a beach too! If you are looking for places to stay, I use a company called Barcelona Flats ( when I have visitors to stay, as they are very helpful too, particularly if you do not know the city and want advice.
Madrid is a must too, as are Seville, Granada and not forgetting Jerez. Sounds like you are in for a treat of a holiday!

Reply by BlueBerrySpain on October 19, 2009

Wow that sounds like a fabulous vaccation! You might want to consider taking the train (ave) from Malaga to Madrid. I haven't used it yet but I've heard it's great and the views are suppoed to be really nice. Also if you want to go to some nice restaurants while you're on the coast check out this restaurant review, perhaps you can find somehting you like:

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