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Posted by coolcbreeze on August 13, 2009

We were in St.lucia for one week where we stayed at a private house in Gros Islet. First I must say St.lucia is absolutely stunning. The people are very friendly. The food OMG we loved the cuisine. From eating at the Gros Islet Street jump up to what our cooked prepared us, Anse la Raye seafood fiesta,and all the preparation done for us by Caroline of Serenity tours. My mom who is a picky eater enjoyed almost every meal.

The house we stayed at was very comfortable for a family of 6 and was cleaned everyday. The location had amazing views of the beaches on the west coast.

We did a few excursion through Serenity tours and the service was beyond what we expected. Very friendly and honest company to deal with family runned business. We were able to move around on our own quite a bit since we had rented a vehicle. So stuff like sightseeing and our grenadine trip we did with them.

The beaches there are all public but still very nice after reading they don`t have the best in St.lucia. One should not have a bad beach day compared to what we got back home.

St.lucia is truly a place to go. You will not regret it.

Reply by islandtvl on September 08, 2009

Wow...great review.

We were thinking of staying at the Windjammer landing resort because booking our accommodation with serenity we get 50% cash back plus $100.00 cash back.

We are also thinking of doing the Grenadine trip. Is it worth the bucks?

We read that the roads are very windy in St.lucia. How was it renting a vehicle?


Reply by coolcbreeze on September 09, 2009

What a great deal that Serenity is offering for accommodation.

The Grenadine trip is worth it. We island hopped,snorkeled,swam with turtles,ate and had a really good time.

If it is your first time driving on the left I will not recommend that you rent a car. There are many turns and twist going around the island. Holding the map and giving instructions wasn't the best thing for us. Next time we will let some else do the job. Serenity for sure did out island tour for us. Had we done it our selves we would have really missed out.

Reply by fambays on May 03, 2010

Wonderful review Coolcbreeze. We are heading to St.Lucia for Christmas and is looking for a place to stay. Does Serenity book accomadation or do villa rentals. We are going as a family of 5, my two teenage daughters ages 17 and 14 and our son age 9 of course to include myself and husband. How did you go about getting the place that you stayed at? I notice that Serenity is very realiable when it comes to tours. We will look them up after we get all sorted out with a place to stay or should we also contact them for accomadation?

Reply by coolcbreeze on May 10, 2010

Serenity tours do book vacation and accomadation packages. They specialize in lots of great tours. I also think you should call their toll free number and ask about the accomadation packages. Some packages give sun dollars that can be used in house and you also receive $100.00 cash back. We didn't get that deal for our accomadation because it was a house we had rented not through them but through recommendations on Trip Advisor. there you can get a list of resorts or villa's to suite your needs as well as excursions or things to do. I really hope this helps.

Reply by fambays on May 10, 2010

Thank you Coolcbreeze for taking the time to answer my questions.We don't mind a house setting but would rather a villa type accomodation by the beach. It looks like Windjammer is the place although we are open to suggestions. We will give Serenity tours a call to also get their feed back.

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