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Hotel with swimming beach

Posted by scarletsquirrel on August 12, 2009

Hi, I plan to travel to Cape Town with two children ages 9 and 10, can anyone recommend a nice hotel on a swimming beach?


Reply by faurec on August 12, 2009

Hi Scarletsquirrel
I live in Cape Town so I may be able to help.

First, there are very nice beaches in and near Cape Town, but we hardly swim there - the water is too cold !!
Serious, do you have to be in Cape Town (CBD) and need something nearby, or can it be a little further, and if so, will you have own transport? What sort of budget are we looking at? Do you want 5star luxury or maybe a little less?

I will put together a short list and send you the names/contact info


Reply by faurec on August 13, 2009

Hi Scarletsquirrel

I have put together a little information on the beaches around Cape Town, and placed it here:

If you want, select one or two beaches that may interest you. I will then let you have names/contact info on nearby suitable hotels.


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