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Travel Locations with the most friendly people

Posted by smithmiller6 on August 07, 2009

I always enjoy going to locations and the first thing you see as you exit the plane is smiling faces as you join the immigration line, and a warm reception from the locals as you leave the airport. Of course, that is just a start, but what I really want to know from the members is where are some of the places you've been that have such friendly people?


Reply by barbara on August 10, 2009

Thailand. Even though I was jet-lagged. Hawaii. Ireland. All of these places had smiling faces to offer a weary traveller. :)


Reply by phileasfogg on August 11, 2009

Following barbara's lead (since I wasn't sure this question was Portugal-specific or not)... Australia. Also Switzerland.



Reply by MikeInTown on August 11, 2009

Dominican Republic
New Mexico
Nuuk, Greenland

Reply by mossrisjhons on August 13, 2009

I like Costa Rica for it's friendly people. They have a saying "Pura Vida", which literally translates to "pure life", but it describes their attitudes down there. They're just really happy people who really enjoy life. Additionally, what's nicer about Costa Rica than some of the other Latin American countries we've been to is that they really work hard to keep the country clean...


Reply by fallschirmhosen on August 19, 2009

Despite the reputation of the country, Yemen has the most friendly people I have ever met, bar none.


Reply by koshkha on August 19, 2009

Southern India - outstandingly friendly and people aren't just eyeing you up as a wallet with legs.

Iran - people walking down the street saying 'Thank you for coming to my country' (admittedly this was a couple of years ago)

Ladakh - julay julay julay - they don't say hello/how are you/nice day just once, you get it at least three times with a cheery lilt.

Wildcat Dianne

Reply by Wildcat Dianne on August 19, 2009

I have received friendly receptions in Germany, Austria, Slovakia, and Normandy, France. In the USA I have been warmly greeted by people in the South and in Idaho. If you ever meet my friend Karla in Idaho, you will be greeted with a big hug even if it's the first time she's met you! In Slovakia, they greet you with a warm Dobre Den (good day).


Reply by Elena1111 on October 14, 2009

Bulgaria, there are the loveliest people in the world. :)

UK Flower Girl

Reply by UK Flower Girl on October 15, 2009

At the top of my list? Brazil. Especially when you have a baby with you. I swear I have never in my life had so much attention paid to us. People were unbelievably friendly. I would also suggest Greece. Our trip last Christmas made us completely fall in love with the country. The people went out of their way to chat, lavished attention on my daughter and were just plain friendly.

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