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San Fran to San Diego via PCH

Posted by garlandkr on July 14, 2009

So I've driven up and down PCH many times in my life starting at an early age. Most of my trips were from LA to SLO, but I've also driven twice up to SF from OC. But never have I done it with a family in toe, and now I'm a family man and we're planning to fly into San Francisco and stay the night in Fisherman's Wharf, then do some activities like Pier 39, Golden Gate Park, etc over the weekend.

Now my question is how long would the travel on PCH take to get us from SF down to OC assuming we're leaving some room to get out and do some things like eat, walk around, etc. Should it be broken up into two parts and plan to stay the night in a hotel in between? I'm just worried were starting to put too many things into the trip and it just becomes a blow out list of things to do.

Reply by garlandkr on July 14, 2009

Title was misleading, we're going to spend a few days with family in Orange County before going down to San Diego.


Reply by midtownmjd on July 16, 2009

Hi garlandkr,

I can't remember exactly how long it took me to do the SF-to-OC drive a few years ago, but I remember it taking a lot longer than anticipated due to winding roads and frequent stops. I took two days to do it, stopping overnight in Pismo Beach, and was glad I didn't rush (plus, nighttime driving on the PCH is not fun).

I think it would be a great trip to do with kids; the Santa Cruz boardwalk, Santa Barbara, and Solvang were stops I really enjoyed.

Have fun!


Reply by davidrickon on July 24, 2009

As I can remember it takes around 78 miles from SF- to OC. Your will love it if you will make few stops like midtownmjd suggested you. I just want to make one more advice to take a limo tour in SF. limousine tour can start with bustling Fisherman's Wharf or San Francisco's Chinatown, the largest in the US. And then San Francisco tour takes you beyond the city, crossing the Bay Bridge, the Richmond Bridge, and the Golden Gate Bridge, including stops along the way like Oakland's historic Jack London Square, West Berkeley's exclusive shopping district, Marin County and cozy Sausalito, or even Muir Woods and Stinson Beach.You all will enjoy it very much.

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