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Why is G&L accomodation so expensive?


Posted by actonsteve on February 21, 2009

Have you ever noticed that G&L accomodation is just that touch more expensive then other accomodation.

Care seems to have been taken about them and they are generally of a high standard but always several more dollars more.

Is it because it is a niche market? Is it because G&L are meant to have a more dsposable income?

ps I expect this thread to have a long life as no one really posts on the G&L section - which is a shame.

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Reply by barbara on February 21, 2009

Well, Steve, I would guess that you're onto something with your niche market angle. Whenever you have a place that caters to a smaller group, it seems you can jack up your prices a bit more. It would be interesting to look at some of other types of niche accommodation markets and see if that bares out. For instance, it seems B&Bs that exclude children... so couples or older adults only... seem to be a hair more expensive as well.


Reply by BereniceUK on March 31, 2009

The simple answer is to not look for specifically gay and lesbian accomodation. You could ask the hotel/b&b if they're gay friendly before making your booking. The only gay-owned place I stayed in in the US last year was by far the worst experience for cleanliness standards.

Reply by allenman75002 on June 15, 2009

We stayed at very nice placed when we were in New Zealand last year and the cost was the same for us or with children. I loved everyplace we stayed at on the south Island..we spent anywhere from 120 dollars a night in Wanuka a small hotel ( which the frig blew the circuit breaker and almost caused a fire) to 450 in Christchurch in downtown area. We just loved every placed we stayed..we looked on frommers and had the best luck with that. I don't think people really cared if we were gay or not..



Reply by patpa on September 06, 2009

My partner and i did the Olivia thing and loved it. The price tag was a source of complaint for me all the way to the ship. Once on board though i let go of that. It was awesome to be with all people who accepted you and knew what you were basically about. So many varieties of lesbians to be seen, it was awesome. Would pay the money again - if i had it, now is out of the question.
My friends and i have been planning trips in groups of about 12.... we just went to Navarre Beach Fl and are going to the mountains, Blue Rige Georgia next. We rent awesome places that dont force us to interact with neighbors and have a great gay as we want to be. This has been a great money saver with the big group and we get the "community feeling" that we need.


Reply by actonsteve on December 28, 2009

Yeah, sometimes I need that "community feeling". There are many places in the world where there is no discernable gay community ie Russia, Africa, Middle East so when I am in a cuontry which does have it I want to partake in it so I try to pick gay hotels.

I find you tend to mix more with the locals if you are gay as well. You are more inclined ot talk to people in a pub or club. So its a good way of making friends.

I cant work out why gay places charge so much. Even the much vaulted Axel hotel in Buenos Aires is expenisve in comparison with other hotels. But there are some bargains out there and I will keep looking.


Reply by BrianSYYZ on January 28, 2011

Steve, be sure to look for hotels that are TAG approved. This organisation ( has a set of criteria that they use to ensure that a hotel isn't just targeting the G&L community from a $$$ perspective.

They qualify travel businesses based not only on their desire for gay travel revenues, but on their employment policies, services, and support returned to the LGBT community.

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