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Posted by pj93054 on July 08, 2009

Going to Tuscany Aug 16-21. Would like to spend one day learning to cook Tuscany style. Does anyone know of any classes or schools or just local chefs that offer learn to cook? Thanks, jay

Reply by cullenc37 on July 08, 2009

jay i recently did some research for a college project, i am a travel and tourism student at Florida international university. i was supposed to plan a trip start to finish, including activities and sites. I booked my rentals through www.escaperental.com , they are a listing service for short term holiday rentals all around the world. But to answer your question, you can find cooking classes on a number of tuscany websites, just searh for Tuscany, Italy cooking classes and you'll get a number of listings, some come to you and others teach you in their restaurant. But if you rent a villa or home from escaperental.com then youll have a nice kitchen for them to come to you. Good luck, Enjoy!!


Reply by faurec on July 10, 2009

I am a occasional visitor to Tuscany (would love to do it more often) and enjoy everything they have to offer. I recently come accross this web site and intend to visit there on a next trip. They offer cooking classes on site.


As I have not been to this place yet, I cannot recommend, but it sure looks interesting.

Enjoy your trip,

Reply by Le Anne on July 22, 2009

I am going to Assisi in Nov and plan to stay here and take their one day cooking class.


Le Anne

Reply by bpodvia on August 06, 2009

The people you should learn to cook from are the Spanish! Have you ever had Tapas? Read this blog and you may get hooked! www.jetsetpilot.blogspot.com

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