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Zhaoxing Dong Village New Year Festivals

Posted by mariatran on December 25, 2013

Zhaoxing is located at 70 km south of Liping County, Guizhou, the whole village has over 1000 household and population of 4000. It is the biggest Dong village in China. It is one of most beautiful places in China, evaluated by the National Geography Magazine.
Zhaoxing boasts its traditional wooden houses, wind and rain bridges, theater stages, drum towers. Many inhabitants continue wear traditional clothing and speak native Dong language.
It is very nice and laid back place for the tourists who want to escape from the big cities. You just sit in the beer bar along the riverside, see the women washing clothing in the river, dry the cloth in the front of their houses, make cloth, or wander around the village. Due to the village is far from the city, the locals are very primitive and friendly. You can sleep when the door is open.
In the early morning, you can see one woman washing hair in the front of her wooden house, in other side you can see another woman washing hair at her house. It is very beautiful view.
Dong People are good at singing, as a famous saying goes in this area: Food is for body, singing is for health and soul. They do not have their own characters, so they are singing at many occasions, such as courting and marriage, greeting guests, bidding farewell to the visitors, time of worship and sacrifice offering even while they are working in the rice paddies. Their history, culture, story, customs and traditions etc passed on by singing songs from generation to generation.
You can find the beautiful rice terraces, splendid scenery, a brook through the whole village as well as the Dong Minority Culture here.
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