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Night Lakes Cruise

Posted by mariatran on December 03, 2013

Two rivers and four lakes refer to Li River, Taohua River, Shahu Lake, Ronghu Lake, Guihu Lake and the newly dug Mulong Lake are connected and linked up. The waterway transportation makes up of Guilin's central round-the-city water system, called "Two Rivers and Four Lakes". More than 1000 years ago, there has formed in Guilin a complete moat river system. Tour and Recreation on water had been very much in a fashion in the Tang and Song dynasty.
However, as history deposited, the river courses were silted up and rivers and lakes were separated and hindered, water quality became bad and cultural relics were buried. The great pomp of Guilin on the water didn't exist any more.
The Two Rivers and Four Lakes at the turn of the century dreged the thousand-year-old Waterway and make it a combination of historical and modern culture and a galaxy of natural landscape and ecological harmony between man and nature. The wonderful scene of the water city as described in the poem "A thousand hills stand around the city, a river flows through it" reappears.
The government carried out the "Two River and Four Lakes" project in 1998 and completed in 2002, This project has not only resumed and expanded the old Guilin water system, improved the ecological environment of the city center area and developed the grade and quality of the city, but the pleasure boats have also been sailing on the water of the city again. The recreational landscape which is superb in China can be compared well with the special water-tours in the cities like the "water city " Venice, the Seine River Paris and the Amsterdam canal.
Today Dream tour of Guilin Water System has operated the day-and-night tour that is a new cruise line in Guilin. You can take boat trip by water route around the city.
A: Night
1. Two Rivers and Four Lakes Duration: 90 minutes 250 Yuan per person.
2. 4 lakes cruise with Cormorant fishing Performance Time: 7:25 pm Duration: 70 minutes.
( Strong Recommended) 220 Yuan per person
B: Daytime: Four lakes cruise: Duration: 70 minutes. 150 yuan per person.
Therefore, the tourists can not only visit three scenic spots with their individual characteristics, but also appreciate the famous traditional hills along the water system in the pleasure boat.
The three scenic spots are Chinese classical garden Ronghu,Shahu lakes scenic spot, the harmony-of-man-with-natural ecological garden Guihu lake scenic spot , the song dynasty historic cultural garden Mulong lake scenic spot.
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