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10 Things You Don't Need to Pack


Posted by tanseg on June 30, 2009

This short list mentions white clothes – awesome (unless perhaps it’s that 10 pack you bought at the discount store for $5 – that could be acceptable ;)

Any things that you would recommend leaving behind?

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Reply by koshkha on June 30, 2009

I would have to disagree with the book comment - I would not be nice to be around if I went away with only one book to last my holiday. But I do go to the charity shops and junk shops and stock up on cheap books that I can give away as I travel. However the idea of having nothing to read would not make for a good holiday for me.


Reply by phileasfogg on July 01, 2009

I agree with koshkha; I'd go mad without a book to read. I'm the sort who loves to be walking throughout the day, seeing the sights and getting a feel of the place... by the time I'm back in my hotel, all I want to do is get into bed with a good book and read for at least half an hour before I go to sleep! But yes, it has to be a book I enjoy (probably Bill Bryson? Gerald Durrell? Anything in the historical detective genre?)

I'm not sure I agree with jeans, either. I wear my jeans day in and day out, and have found them much easier to live in than a lot of other clothes.

My addition to the list would be anything that needs ironing.



Reply by koshkha on July 01, 2009

Anything you've never worn before and anything that you took on holiday last year and never used.


Reply by barbara on July 02, 2009

I disagree with the "snacks from home" thing. Has the writer ever tasted plane food? I mean, I don't think you should pack a refrigerator, but I always have crackers or pretzels or something in my purse for the "travel" part of travel. Apart from that though, I've learned packing well is a learned thing. I remember my first trip to Europe as an adult. I took hair rollers and a giant suitcase. I still laugh at this. Of course my hair rollers couldn't be plugged in, and the suitcase was a pain in the rump when dragging it onto trains and the like once on the ground. The next time I went to Europe, I had a big purse and a backpack. I had learned my lesson. Though I had to find a laundry and wash the unmentionables once, I had absolutely everything I needed for two weeks.

Wildcat Dianne

Reply by Wildcat Dianne on July 02, 2009

I agree with phileasfogg and koshka about not packing a book or two for a trip. There are lulls in the middle of a trip that have me itching for something to do. Since I can't bring my knitting on the plane or have it in the middle of nowhere, I have to have something to do or go stark raving nuts!

Right now with it being hotter than Hades here in Florida, my jeans are sitting in Rubbermaid containers and not being worn. I have been living in shorts all Spring and Summer, and one pair is denim, but the others are cotton cargo shorts. Yeah, I would leave behind the hot rollers and most beauty products. When I packed my rollers for my first trip to Idaho in 1988, Dad told me to put them right back into my suitcase. He wasn't waiting for my hair to curl for anything. Best to get a haircut that can be easily styled with a little gel or mousse. Take it from someone who's had short hair for five years!



Reply by midtownmjd on July 02, 2009

Funny, the "top 10 things you really don't need to pack" list looks a lot like my packing list. Cell phone? Check! Thin travel towel? Check! Snacks? Check! Jeans? Probably already wearing them!

You all already mentioned the main things I don't bring: clothing you have to iron and hair-styling accessories. Other things I leave at home: computer, video camera, bags without wheels, non-essential credit/ID cards, and nice watch/jewelry.

Wildcat Dianne

Reply by Wildcat Dianne on July 04, 2009

Best to pack clothing that doesn't take up a lot of room. Blue jeans are bulky and take up tons of space. Best to wear them on the plane to save luggage space, but if it's a long flight, you want to dress comfy. Rachael Ray's magazine suggests that a woman should travel in a nice velour hoodie and pans with slip-on shoes to make it easy to get through the checkpoints.

The cell phone is a plus in order to keep in touch with family at home. I agree with Michelle about a towel and some snacks. Plane food is horrible, and some bath towels in European homes and hotels are pretty skimpy. Try trying off with a towel made of what we dry dishes with here in the USA!

Happy 4th of July!


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