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Posted by CarolinaPanthers1983 on November 21, 2013

I posted a few stories on this site. It has been a week (first one on November 13) since I last posted some of them, yet they continue to wait for review from IgoUgo. My question is how does it take a IgoUgo to review a story, review, or photo? I understand that you guys are busy with so many posts from fellow travelers, but my posts rated. I appreciate any help. Thank you.


Reply by MilwVon on November 21, 2013

Not only busy with all of the other posts but also in closing down this site. I have several yet to be reviewed as well. They are taking them in order. They have assured folks that everything would be reviewed & awarded as appropriate by early December.

This is quoted from their announcement on Monday:

"As of November 21, 2013, IgoUgo will stop accepting reviews and photos from our members. We plan to complete awarding all GO! Points earned by our members by no later than December 9, 2013 and you will have until December 31, 2013 to redeem any remaining GO! Points in your account. Please redeem your GO! Points for the rewards you are eligible for as soon as possible!"


Reply by CarolinaPanthers1983 on November 21, 2013

Thanks, MilwVon.

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