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Important Alert: We Are Closing Our Doors


Posted by juliejaynakStaff on November 18, 2013

To our loyal IgoUgo community:

The journey for and the community of passionate travelers it has supported for the past 13 years will soon end.

The decision to close IgoUgo was a difficult one to make. We sincerely appreciate your contributions over the years and are proud of what we have all been able to do together. More than 500,000 travelers came together to explore and inspire within the IgoUgo community, contributing hundreds of thousands of reviews and photos of everything from cheap eats to luxury hotels in more than 9,000 destinations worldwide.

As of November 21, 2013, IgoUgo will stop accepting reviews and photos from our members. We plan to complete awarding all GO! Points earned by our members by no later than December 9, 2013 and you will have until December 31, 2013 to redeem any remaining GO! Points in your account. Please redeem your GO! Points for the rewards you are eligible for as soon as possible!

We are pleased to let you know that the materials you have previously submitted will continue to live on at our sister site Travelocity. We are making plans to transfer this content early next year. We expect IgoUgo to go offline in the first quarter of 2014.
In closing, we want to personally thank you for the part you played in making IgoUgo one of the most unique online travel communities and wish you all the best. Should you have any questions, please email


The IgoUgo Team

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Reply by samepenny on November 18, 2013

Very sorry to hear this. I've made some really nice friends via IgoUgo. Please donate my remaining points to a charity having to do with the recent typhoon or suitable alternative.

Some fine work has been done on IgoUgo. I'll miss the reading and learning.


Reply by phileasfogg on November 19, 2013

Sad news, this. IgoUgo has been a dear friend for years, and I'm glad to say that I've made some good friends because of IgoUgo.


Reply by wanderluster on November 19, 2013

This is sad, disappointing news! I loved reading the personal stories, articles and reviews over the years and will miss my "go to" journal when deciding where to go next! I'm thankful for the opportunity you created as I had never done any travel writing before. It has opened doors and led to a travel career. And of course I will fondly remember the award trip to Panama and the travel-writing workshop in Provence you provided many years ago. Forever grateful!! Best wishes on your future endeavors.


Reply by travelswithkids on November 19, 2013

I'm really sorry to read this news. I've always appreciated what a unique site igougo was.


Reply by hagnel2 on November 19, 2013

While I have not contributed to igougo for quite a while it is sad news. Please donate my points to charity.


Reply by Idler on November 19, 2013

Although I haven't contributed in a long time, I really enjoyed writing for IgoUgo for what I think of as the "golden" years, during which time I made a number of good friends. I treasure those friends and all the the good memories of the community here.

Best of luck to the IgoUgo team in their next endeavors, and happy future travels to all those writers I've enjoyed reading over the years.


Reply by MilwVon on November 20, 2013

I always felt as though I arrived on the IgoUgo scene at the peak of the "golden years" as Idler referred to them. I recall the wonderful writers and photographers, some of whom have posted here. You were all an inspiration to me as I attempted to find that inner travel journalist within.

Samepenny, Idler, Wanderluster and Phileasfogg you were what made IgoUgo possible during those early years as the site was trying to find its way. As things changed, many people left to pursue other interests and means to share their content. I dare say a number of travel writers and photographers got their start through being a volunteer "guide" was we were originally known.

I too am very disappointed to see this outcome for the IgoUgo travel forum as I too have made several friendships over the years. I wish everyone only the best and personally thank those who provided what has been undeniably, the best travel information and advice on the internet. I will miss this forum not only as a writer/photographer, but also as someone seeking advice from real people with real life experiences.

IgoUgo member since March 2004


Reply by samepenny on November 20, 2013

Von, thanks so much! Very kind words. Please see my private message to you.

GB from Devizes

Reply by GB from Devizes on November 20, 2013

Like some of the above people, I haven't contributed to Igo for quite a few years, but I remember fondly those days of 6 or 7 years ago when new journals from friends were always eagerly anticipated, and then thoroughly read. I too made lots of friends here, some of whom I am still in touch with. I also recall the get togethers in London and Chicago where it was wonderful to finally put real faces to some of my favourite writers and to spend some quality time with them.

I too felt that something "changed for ever" when Travelocity took over Igo and it's a dreadful shame that 13 years of sterling work by so many dedicated travellers has to end. I have hung out on other travel-based websites since departing Igo but none has the camaraderie that this place always possessed.

So, bye bye Igougo, and to all those who sailed in her. Please donate whatever points I have left to a suitable charity, I think the relief for typhoon Haiyan would be most appropriate.

Kalo taxidi

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