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Another Amazing Time in Cozumel Mexico!

Posted by cruisingkaren on November 06, 2013

Just got back from another cruise and have to say Cozumel is and always has been the best port to get off! We have done the jeep excursion many times in Cozumel but nothing compares to the one we just took. We did a custom private jeep tour by www.CozumelCruiseExcursions.Net where we got to choose the things we wanted to do in Cozumel, and had the option to have our private guide drive which was nice because they give you a cooler of beer which is included! It also includes lunch, and was less than $69 per person! We found them on Trip Advisor, because so many people were suggesting them, we thought it was advertising but when we seen the reviews we had to check it out. It was such a great Cozumel excursion and will be doing it again real soon. I would advise checking out their Tripadvisor reviews- They also have a really nice guide on what to do in Cozumel "What to do in Cozumel" If you want to check out their jeep excursion page-

The shopping in Cozumel is also great! The downtown area is really nice and safe. We love taking the late night cruises to Cozumel, because we love to venture the dining scene and nightlife. Were thinking about moving here since they have a population of over 2000 foreigners (many retired Americans). The guy who owns the jeep tour has been living there for over 10 years and said he wouldnt want to live anywhere else in the world. Our tour guide was David, who was a great bargainer, and helped us save money on our shopping excursion Star My wife taught spanish for High School students and told me he was telling them either you make something or nothing.

This is a great forum and so happy I found it!

Fun Cruising my fellow cruisers!


Reply by MilwVon on November 07, 2013

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