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Going to visit Bern. What to see? Where to shop?

Posted by DownTempo on October 22, 2013

Hey, people! What to do in Bern this fall? I'm going to visit the city in November and stay for a week, may be two. I'm planning to go sight seeing and shopping. So, any advice what to see? To buy? What shops are most interesting? Any experience would be interesting to me!!

Reply by alvachristeen12 on October 31, 2013

Artisan market
Bread market
Flea market
Produce market

Reply by chupacabra11 on October 31, 2013

I've been in Bern recently and had a great time I shoud say... Me and my friend saw a lot of interesting things. For my opinion the best sights to see is the cathedral of Bern, The House of Parliament, and The rose garden..I like old arcitecture very much...and also I like shopping...price has no sence if there is something I really like...so it happened when I visited Sokolov jewelry store, they sell not a simple jewelry, they sell pieces of art...also I was exited of visiting Flea market where you can find many interesting things...So I wish you to have a good time in Bern

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