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Introduce my private tours

Posted by Jade_Leo on October 19, 2013

Dear all,

I would like to introduce my private tours to you with hope that it can be a reference for you when you plan to China.

Guilin Private Tours mainly specializes in tours around Guilin Yangshuo area. We cater to the needs of individual tourists as well as small tour groups including families, friends and business colleagues. Tourists can experience the main attractions offered by Guilin Yangshuo Longji Rice Terraces and Guizhou Minority area as well as places and activities not normally offered to tourists. We can customize private tours, tour itineraries and tour packages to meet your specific travel needs.
Yangshuo Guilin is reputed as the best scenery on the earth and is a must-visit travel destination for your trip to China.
Do you want to experience the people how to celebrate the Chinese New Year, especially in the remote rural ethnic group area, please check our offers: Chinese New Year Tour at Minority Area.
Please read more about the testimonials from our tourists and our services.

We organize private car service from Guilin to Guizhou, Yunnan, Sichuan, Hunan, etc.

For more information about my tours, please kindly visit my website:

I am always willing to support you at any time, even though it is not about my tours.

Thanks and Best regards.

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