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Posted by zabelle on October 17, 2013

Anyone else having problems with getting points for promoting their work? It seemed as if I got points at first but for the last few days, nada. I am making an effort to promote my work here at Igo but if there is not going to be any points awarded, it is a waste of time.

Also, I have reviews that are over 10 days old and have not been looked at by an editor. Is it just me or is that a little slow?

I know I haven't been around much recently and it is issues like this that are going to keep me away in the future if they are not resolved.


Reply by Slug on October 18, 2013

Hi Zabelle - for what it's worth I largely share your views.

I'm assuming that Julie (the Editor) largely works alone and I know from personal experience that this means that work loads soon build up if you get diverted to other duties or dare (!) take leave. However, from an end user experience, I too get disconcerted to have a large number of unprocessed reviews and stop writing until they have been caught up on. I've probably missed writing 15-20 experiences this year as a result.

Likewise, I get very frustrated that I'm having to keep tabs on points because I can't trust igougo to do so. I have had a recent email exchange with Julie and she tells me there is a problem with best of image points hitting the totals, but I'm thinking there is also something else going on.

While I think Julie has a tough job keeping up to everything, all this does act to slow me down and post items elsewhere rather than igougo. Goodness only knows what newcomers think to it all.

Hopefully Julie will be along in due course to let us know what's going on



Reply by Slug on October 18, 2013

Aha - I have just spotted that the points plan has changed so the points I was anticipating and the points I receive have separated company. This is the second time this year, this has happened.

I will be considering whether it is worth my offering further contributions to igougo, as it seems I've dropped quite a few points to what I was anticipating and I'm not sure I can trouble to tally together what that rather long and complicated list will mean.



Reply by zabelle on October 18, 2013


Yes I noticed the new points as well. Considering the work that goes into writing original content the reward is painfully low. It is probably a result of the economy but I am wondering how much this new system will appeal to new writers. Not much I am guessing. Even if you only get revenue share, it beats the pay here.

I really hate it when they change things and really don't let us know about it. I have been here since the year 2000 and while I now write primarily on paying sites, I always keep an eye on Igo and write a few articles a year.

I miss the old days of get-togethers, I attended 2 official ones (Vancouver and Chicago) and one unofficial one in New York. We got to know the other writers personally and some of the staff as well. I have met up with fellow writers from Igo in Germany (Henk), England (Steve, Barbara and Graham), Pittsburgh (Karen), San Antonio (Linda) and New York (Kevin). If I forgot anyone, sorry.

I am at least glad that Igo is getting into social media and promotion.

Anyway, all but one of my articles have now been edited and the points, well they are what they are. I fear I will never make it to Destinator!!!



Reply by Slug on October 23, 2013

Looking at the new points guidelines I see we should get 5 points for logging in. I've been back every day to see if there is any explanation for the points and my totals remain static - should I be physically logging out so I can log in every day?

I might be wrong but it seems as though the points plan has once again been introduced before the technology is ready. :o(


Reply by Slug on November 01, 2013

OK, I've disappeared before and I'm doing it again. A self imposed six month sabbatical to see whether this site sorts itself out or fades away. Best luck all whatever you choose.



Reply by MilwVon on November 04, 2013

If you are on Facebook, you may want to join the ongoing discussions on these issues. Admittedly, the updates and responses from IgoUgo have been slow, sparse and incomplete, but it has been better than the crickets here.


Reply by MilwVon on November 07, 2013

Mmmmm . . . still no response from anyone at IgoUgo? How disappointing, especially since I let them know over on their FB page that there were questions here.


Reply by Slug on November 08, 2013

No matter Milw Von for me - I am one to cut off my nose to spite my face, and wild horses will not bring me back for at least a few months now.

I (and others) were fooled when they changed the points system at the beginning of the year and we lost points then, and I've been fooled again now. If I continue to write after that experience then I deserve to be fooled :o)

I'll take a few months away and will then will see how the land lies....


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