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Best Places to visit in Spain (2)

Posted by on September 22, 2013

4) Ronda

Ronda is located in the countryside of Malaga, 100km West from it, to be exact. It's population is of 35000 people. This small village is located on a huge cliff and has a great bridge that crosses the gorge located between old Ronda and new Ronda. It is an extremely beautiful place to visit, as apart from this huge bridge it also has an antique bull-ring and roman baths.

3) Figueres

This museum of the famous Salvador Dalí artist located in the village of his birth, Figueres, will indubitably surprise you. It is a very beautiful place to visit, and has both an important historical and artistic value. Jewels, Paintings and Sculptures crafted by this famous artist will leave you with your mouth open. You just have to visit this museum to understand what I am talking about.

2) La Rambla of Barcelona

La Rambla is a huge street located in the central area of Barcelona. It disposes of a huge amount of bars, cafes restaurants and markets that just must be checked. In fact, it contains the famous “Mercado de Boqueria” of Barcelona. You can find all kinds of entertainment in this huge “street market”. You can just spend all day walking up and down this street, looking for hidden treasures and tasting the best of the Spanish cuisine.

It is a really interesting place to visit in Spain.

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Written by James Crandell,

Reply by mkeylianos on October 02, 2013

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Reply by alvachristeen12 on October 31, 2013

Santiago de Compostela
San Sebastian


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