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Paris: A modern look at a classic city (1)

Posted by on September 22, 2013

Paris is considered by many one of the greates cities. But what makes it so interesting and enjoyable to visit? It's classicity, or it's modernity? Well, it's neither one or another. It's the combination of both. And particularly, Paris' beauty lays in places that make both the future and the past come together.

Eiffel Tower

Buildings, Monuments and Palaces built for this duque or by this monarch– We have seen thousands in our lives and in different places of the world. But have you ever seen a great landmark named after the architect and engineer who build it? The giant tower that greeted visitors to the Paris Universal Exposition of 1889 was planned only to exist for a limited amount of time. Perhaps it's for this reason that it was named with the name of it's engineer, Gustav Eiffel. Or perhaps at the time of it's creation it was considered to be so ugly by the Parisians that they did not want to name it with any national symbols.

Whichever the reason is, this monument is a great combination of the modern and the antigue. ‘Gustave Eiffel knew how to master the most advanced technology of the time,’ Stéphane Dieu, who looks after the tower’s heritage, says. ‘For a start, the foundations of the tower’s four pillars had to be built in damp soil close to the river. Above all, it was his faith and love of science that guided him – you can see that from the frieze around the first floor, which gives the names of 72 French scientists.’ The touristic success of this tower was only possible an appreciable amount of time after it's building, thanks to the invention of the elevator.

Eiffel’s most decent achievement, however, was meant to be destroyed absolutely by 1909. It was only saved thanks to his character and continuous insistence that it could serve as a testing ground for scientific experiments and later as a radio transmitter. Bridges and buildings by Eiffel survive from Hungary to Bolivia. He even designed the internal framework for the Statue of Liberty. But if it hadn’t been for Eiffel’s determination, Eiffels name would be absolutely unknown nowadays.


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Written by James Crandell,

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