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Posted by Climbingguides on August 08, 2013

Travel tips about tourist destinations include favorite travel places like Mount Kilimanjaro

When you speak about best Mountain climbing destinations, Mount kilimanjaro is one of them. Mount Kilimanjaro is mentioned as one of those places because of its unique tourist attractions and unique wonderful features. Tourist attractions in Mount kilimanjaro include waterfalls, volcanic lakes, natural forest, wildlife species, volcanic rocks and snow. Climbing mount kilimanjaro to the summit provides the tourists with 5 ecological zones, like travelling from Equator to north pole. Further more kilimanjaro is one of 7 summits with 7 highest world peaks. Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest peak in Africa and largest free standing mountain in Africa.

Kilimanjaro trekking is amazing adventures is organized by Tour operators stationed at mount kilimanjaro base. Kilimanjaro trekking base is Moshi town at kilimanjaro slopes. One of recommended Tour Operator is Kilimanjaro Safari Holidays Co. Ltd

Climbing gears preparations are needed for comfort Kilimanjaro hike. Climbing gears store is located at Tour Company office - KILIMANJARO SAFARI HOLIDAYS Co. Ltd.

Reply by mkeylianos on August 13, 2013

Mountain Climbing in KILIMANJARO, Sounds great experience. I hope someday I could experience. If I have a budget, but as of now I want to read some comments or suggestion what are the other place that is nice to travel too. So thank you for your post, now I have a option to travel. keep posting my friend.

Reply by dockhan on October 25, 2013

v informative

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