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First Class Travel at Reasonable Rates

Posted by johnqui on July 03, 2013

I travel to Ireland every three months and pay for the ticket myself. I like First Class but it generally costs about 5-10 times as much as coach. This may be because First Class tickets are generally bought by businesses where the traveler is not paying for the ticket or are upgrades for very very Frequent Fliers, neither of which category applies to me. For instance, travel from Houston (where I live) to Ireland (where I am from) costs about $650 to $850 in coach but $5,000 to $6,000 in first class. I recently mangaged to find a one off deal to Ireland on Aer Lingus for $3,000 and I am prepared to pay that amount for first class travel, Does anybody know the tricks of the trade so that first class travel can be bought at reasonable rates? Is it possible to buy frequent flier miles from the very very frequent fliers for about $3,000 per first class round trip to Ireland. Houston is a hub for United Airlines if that helps. Any ideas are more than welcome and I will be happy to share with anybody what I do know about first class travel and first class accommodations in Europe and very inexpensive car rentals there. I am also happy to share with anybody my extensive knowledge of Ireland, its history and the most amazing places to see and things to do there - some known and some not known to many at all - I bet you did not think there is a beach in Ireland where if you were there, you would think you were at a beach in Southern California, but without the crowds.

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