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Hotel Listing Requiring Edit/Fix


Posted by MilwVon on June 26, 2013

I have posted a review of the Best Western Oceanfront Resort in San Simeon. Because the listing that "auto-filled" when I created the review had an error, I created my own listing with the correct into on the hotel.

I see that when my journal and reviews were cleared by the IgoUgo editor, they moved my entry into the preexisting one with the error in the hotel name.

Please correct the listing (which by the way originated over at Travelocity) or move my review back to its own which was complete & accurate.

I've sent an email to the IgoUgo editorial team a week ago, but in the absence of a response or fix, I'm now posting here.

Here is the link to the review page I'm speaking of . . . .

Thank you!


Reply by MilwVon on June 27, 2013

To further clarify (and perhaps troubleshoot for IgoUgo) . . . I think that the Travelocity review platform probably has a limit on characters and therefore the name of the hotel got cut off as "Oceanfro".

When I went to create my IgoUgo review, there was no limitation so I was able to properly make the entry with the full name of the hotel. This was how I created my review entry.

When the IgoUgo editor reviewed my review, rather than creating a "new" (and accurate) data base entry, they moved my review into the already existing "incomplete" data base entry.

It is my hope that you can fix this and make sure that the full name, rather than an abbreviated or truncated name, is shown on the listing for this resort.

I will further comment that if the Travelocity platform has such significant limitations, that things be migrated over to the more complete IgoUgo format as new reviews come in and it becomes apparent that there is incomplete info being published due to the Travelocity format.



Reply by MilwVon on July 06, 2013

<<bump>> Still waiting for some help in fixing this problem.

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