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Concerns regarding photos


Posted by phileasfogg on June 23, 2013

Hi there,

I've noticed two surprising (and, sadly unpleasant) developments regarding the photos we upload on IgoUgo. Both refer to photos specifically viewed as part of a review or a story - when clicking on the 'cover photo' for a review/story takes one to the photos attached to it.

First, whether or not the navigation will appear below is uncertain. I've seen galleries where the top edges of the thumbnails below can just be seen; in others, I can't see these at all. Basically, in the latter case, this means I have to be content with viewing that first photo; there's no way I can go forward.
(Note: This is when I'm using Firefox. It works on Internet Explorer. Haven't checked other browsers. I'm guessing this is just a technical bug that can be easily solved).

Second, why are photos attached to reviews or stories being displayed in that awfully truncated landscape style? Not all photos are composed in a way that shows them to advantage whichever way you look at them. For example, a photo (originally in portrait style) I took of Vasco da Gama's tomb in Kochi has been summarily chopped off so that you can see the sign, but not the tomb itself. Not very helpful for someone who's looking at the photos.

Does this mean we should restrict ourselves to landscape style photos (and that too with the focus confined to a narrow band)? Could someone please clarify?



Reply by MilwVon on June 26, 2013

<<crickets>> ???


Reply by phileasfogg on June 27, 2013

I can hear 'em, Von!


Reply by MilwVon on July 06, 2013

Bumping this one too since photos are also an issue in terms of how they look on your website.


Reply by juliejaynakStaff on July 11, 2013

Hello ladies,

With regard to the issue of portrait photos not displaying in our landscape layout/view it is definitely a problem we are aware of and we hear you. A fix for this is on our long term "road map" of changes, but unfortunately we do not know when this will be fixed at this time.

As for the Firefox/thumbnail issue, Madhulika, I'm not exactly sure why it's doing that, as that's not a problem I personally have experienced. This is also due to the fact that I use Chrome 99% of the time, however, I'll certainly make our tech team aware of this issue.

Apologies for the non-optimal photo conditions, and thank you for your patience.




Reply by samepenny on August 05, 2013

thanks for bringing this up. I had assumed it was just my problem with my usual technical issues.


Reply by samepenny on September 28, 2013

Very little response on the photos issues. Now that I am primarily an iPad, iPhone user, I am finding it nearly impossible to upload photos to

However, my thanks for posting one of my Disney concert hall photos to FaceBook.


Reply by MilwVon on September 30, 2013

The photo issue has not be fixed yet. Most of my photos look terrible in the journals/reviews they are attached to.

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