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Looking For Things To Do In New York Over The Next 2 Weeks?

Posted by Eve_L on March 15, 2013

Looking to try some delicious Chinese food in New York? Look no further than New York City Chinatown’s Restaurant Week 2013! The two-week event will be hosted by some of the best restaurants specializing in Chinese, Vietnamese, and Japanese cuisine in NYC. Visit Chinatown during Chinatown Restaurant Week 2013 and you are likely to find it to be one of your favorite things about New York City!

From March 16th through 31st, 23 restaurants will offer special lunch and dinner menus for just $20.13! While the list of participating restaurants includes some well-known Zagat and Michelin rated restaurants, many of the lesser-known restaurants have caught our attention. The second annual Chinatown Restaurant Week will surely be an excellent way to discover and enjoy many types of Chinese, Vietnamese, and Japanese dishes.

For more information and a list of participating restaurants, visit Travel With Carnet here:

Please comment and share your knowledge if you are familiar with any of the 23 restaurants participating in the events!

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