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New photo show-up


Reply by juliejaynakStaff on February 28, 2013

Gotit. Thanks for getting back to me. I'm going to try to explore this a little further and see where we need to go next. As always- apologies- and thanks for your patience!


Reply by juliejaynakStaff on March 01, 2013

Thank you all for calling attention to the problems, and of course for being patient with us. I played around with my own photo/review upload, and for some reason couldn't replicate the problem of uploading from the GALLERY, but still had a problem immediately uploading a photo from my computer within the review writing process. :-/ Keep me posted on if something is permanently "broken" or incorrect and we'll certainly do what we can to correct it.

Hope you're all having happy travels this weekend! :-)


Reply by marif on March 05, 2013

One more point to consider about adding photos. My last entry (Out at sea in Barcelona's harbour - Maremagnum attraction) added to my journal 'Catalan culture, distinctive architecture and sandy beaches' contains a number of photos but no points (50 points, isn't it?) were awarded. Has anybody else experienced this problem? What's happening to our beloved site, so many glitches appearing from time to time? It seems (at least to me) that the problem is concerned with the new programming of the site. Whoever is responsible, kindly amend.

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