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Blue Parrot Hotel

Posted by snuggels123 on June 21, 2009


I paid a deposit for a room to the owner in England many weeks in advance.
On arriving at the accommodation In Gambia I was shocked at the state and disrepair of the room and also the premises

The room had paint peeling of the doors walls and ceiling the bathroom had a musty smell and black dirt around the shower
The pillows on the bed were dirty. Overall nothing appeared clean about the bedding or the room.

The guesthouse it self is not much better and the communal toilets were filthy and an awful smell to match
The place it self did not have a good feel about it you also felt intimidate by the amount of young guys hanging around the grounds and also outside the premises

I didn’t unpack my bags asked for my deposit back and went else where
The owner said as the deposit was paid in England then she would repay it in England on her return in April. This has never happened.
Overall the place was disgusting You have been warned

Reply by kb02 on June 22, 2009

I do not know the Blue Parrot and have never been to Gambia.

After reading your report, I did a quick 'Google' and found their web site.

My perceptions and experience is that when a web site or brochure does not include images of their own accommodations, you should be cautious. Beautiful scenery does not guarantee quality of accommodation. From the images published on their web site, I honestly did not find anything to interest me in visiting the Blue Parrot.

It may be an idea to do a little more homework when planning a trip. It normally is a good investment of your time.


Reply by Rebecca.Dillard on July 08, 2009

Thanks Snuggels for sharing info and warning. Actually I was planning a tour to Gambia next month. I won’t book this hotel but could you pls suggest me a nice hotel there???

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