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Considering spending 3 weeks in Copenhagen - A few questions

Posted by carolgreen616 on August 05, 2012

I've decided to take a break and spend 3 weeks in Europe, renting a small flat, and working remotely with wifi (i am self employed). I had my heart set on Paris, am considering Reykjavik, but also am fascinated with Copenhagen, though I've never been there.

Due to work requirements, I suspect that I will need to stay close to wifi, which probably means staying in the city, except for weekends where I would like to visit friends in Malmo. Is Copenhagen expensive compared to other cities? Will I find it interesting to be there for 3 weeks? Is there a lot to see and explore? Are the locals friendly and easy to meet? How are the girls? :)

Thanks in advance.


Reply by Slug on August 06, 2012

Hi - I've been to Copenhagen for about 3 days and that was plenty long enough to catch the sights and get a feel for the vibe of the city.

Depends on what you are looking for but 3 weeks would be a long time in Copenhagen for me, but you would have a relaxing time.

Copenhagen is expensive for food hotels and for nightlife - it's a few years since we went, but beers were around $10 each. I understand Reykjavik would be similarly expensive.

Just to confuse you more; have you thought about Amsterdam? You can get some of that northern Europe relaxed vibe (and it is not frantic outside the city centre), there is plenty to visit, and it is one of the less expensive cities of northern Europe (although still no bargain).



Reply by koshkha on August 15, 2012

Copenhagen is very small and I'd agree with Slug that 3 weeks would feel like a very long time.
To be honest, even 3 weeks in Amsterdam would be a long time.
Of your listed cities, Paris has the best potential to keep yourself amused.

But what is it that you're really looking for? There may be much better (and certainly much cheaper) places to go. How about Lisbon, or depending on the time of year, I'd happily hole up in Marrakech or Essaouira for three weeks.

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