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Terrible Experience with Hertz Rental Car in Puerto Montt, Chile

Posted by pinnatifid on June 03, 2012

I cannot warn you strongly enough: Be extremely cautious with Hertz Puerto Montt, and AVOID HERTZ if possible! I rented two vehicles (SUV and pickup) from Hertz for a research expedition. I obtained prices and reservations in advance, and requested the appropriate paperwork for traveling to Argentina, for which I also received an estimate.

Neither had the appropriate paperwork for Argentina. We had to return to Puerto Montt later to pick up [papers for one vehicle; for the other, Hertz could not provide papers, and had to exchange vehicles with us 5 days later, causing us to lose a day while waiting for the vehicle.

Upon return Hertz could not provide us with the final total or a receipt for one vehicle, and said they would have to email it. For the second vehicle Hertz could not provide us with an itemized receipt. This vehicle was turned in 2 days early and we were told we would receive a discount for those days. After not receiving receipts within a few days, I began requesting itemized receipts via Hertz online forms and phone calls. Although I received acknowledgements of the inquiries, and spoke with hertz representatives, in the end they stated they were unable to provide the itemized receipts. I never received a receipt of any kind.

When I saw the charges on my credit card I was stunned. For one vehicle the charge was $3200 instead of $2100; For the other vehicle, the charge was $400 more than expected. I continued requesting an itemized invoice and corrected charges but was told they could not provide one. We had not damaged either vehicle, so there seemed no reason for extra charges. I challenged one charge through my Capital One credit card. They stated that "estimates are not a guarantee of actual price" and closed the case. The larger overcharge was on American Express and is still being disputed.

In addition to these major issues, on some days we encountered staff that spoke no English, was working alone, and seemed to have no clue about rental car procedures

Admittedly, I made a mistake by not briefing my colleagues who turned in the vehicles on insisting on an itemize receipt and a car inspection, etc. It did not occur to me that I had to do so for a major rental car company like Hertz. We should be able to find out what why we are being charged so much extra money and have the opportunity to dispute it.

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