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Posted by AidanR on May 23, 2012

Hi all ,

I am planning for a summer vacation in Greece

Will be much interested with a hotel at the beach with nice price ,night life and going to an island for water sports

Any suggestions ?


Reply by nik'smomStaff on May 24, 2012

Greece has about 1,000 islands and so many things to do. What type of trip are you planning: party, romantic, family, cultural/historical? And also how long will you stay and your budget.

Reply by alvachristeen12 on November 11, 2013

Diamond Deluxe hotel
Kos Aktis Art hotel
nafs hotel
Blue palace resorts and spa
Eagles palace hotels and spa

GB from Devizes

Reply by GB from Devizes on November 20, 2013

Hi Aidan

Greece has around 200 inhabited islands in several distinct island chains, that stretch from the Ionians to the west of mainland Greece all the way round to the North Eastern Aegean islands which are within a spit of Turkey.

Coming from the Middle East, you will arrive in Athens from where any island with an airport can be reached via a domestic flight inside of 60 minutes. Here is the link to all domestic flights...

Do you wish to spend some time in Athens to see the main outdoor sights or spend all the time on an island? It would also help to know the duration of the trip and when in the summer you wish to go. Some small isands are more geared to a few days stay, others such as Crete are huge and you'd need ten years to see all on offer.

Reply by jacobphilip503 on November 28, 2013

Hey Greece is wonderful country. It has many natiral site that lok fablous and must visit destination. I would suggest to have travel hotel like suggest ed above by one of our member. ALso go to tripadvisor and check if they are best. You can find many alternative there.

With you budget and planning you can enjoy a great holiday there.

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