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Volunteer opportunities in Goa

Posted by Jimmy Bruno on May 23, 2012


I'm going to Goa this October and I would really like to get involved in a bit of charity work while I was there. The only problem is I'm only going for 2 weeks so I can only give a couple of days. I know short term volunteering can sometimes be more of a hindrance than help but I would really like to visit some charities and see the great work they are doing and maybe support them back in the UK. Does anybody know any projects that I could visit while I'm there? Also tips on the best beaches?

Any advice would be great

Thanks guys


Reply by Lexie P on May 23, 2012

Hi Jimmy,

How are you?

I'm very jealous of your travel adventures to Goa this october. Do you know where about in Goa you are going?

I went to Goa a couple of years ago and loved it. Has a great hippie scene :) As for volunteering I'm not 100% sure of projects in Goa but I was in Gambia earlier this year and participated in a holiday with heart volunteer day. I think they support charities all over the world so have a look at them and see if they have one in Goa. The experience was amazing! The kids were so inspiring and friendly and as the day was so structured and coordinated by a rep you really did feel like you were helping rather than hindering.

In regards to beaches you North or South? Or both?

Have a great time

Reply by Jimmy Bruno on May 25, 2012

Hey Lexi,

I'm glad you loved Goa :) I'm already excited about going even though it's still a while away. Thank for the advice as well! I checked holiday with a heart out and they support two fantastic charities out in Goa already and it looks like they give the proper support the charities need as I noticed they fundraise for sustainable projects which I htinks great. They have a people and a animal one so am now just deciding which one to do..... I might do both :)

Thanks again Lexi and any more advice you have keep passing my way!!!!


Reply by Davies123 on July 02, 2012

I partcipated in Holiday with a Hearts experience too! Lexies rights it great and I hope you do end up doing it as well as they need the support and I guarantee you will love it! Enjoy :)

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