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Posted by marif on May 11, 2012

Hi colleagues,

There's is a technical error which is creating a lot of frustration. It's very difficult to log in because every time I try to log in, a small window with the words [object error] crops up. Then the site freezes and it is only after several attempts that I succeed in logging in. This is also repeated when I try to click on one of my photos either in one of my reviews or in one of my stories/tips.

Can you kindly look into the matter with urgency because I am very frustrated.

Thanks & regards.


Reply by nik'smomStaff on May 11, 2012

Hi Marif,
Thank you for letting us know. This usually happens if the network is slow, and we are currently working on this.
Kind regards,
Terre for The IgoUgo Team


Reply by marif on May 14, 2012

Thanks nik'smom for your kind assistance. All is functioning properly now. Congratulations!

Mario (marif)

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