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Posted by Rebecca.Dillard on June 09, 2009

I am about to plan a luxury trip to Tanzania which will be full of adventure. I don’t have any idea about the time when should I visit there to enjoy the max. Can anybody tell me that what are the major attractions to be visited there?? While looking for the various options I had come across this interesting tour: http://www.ekoventure.com/trips/africa-tanzania-dar_es_salaam-bird_watching-luxury_travel-photography-safari-walking-wildlife_tours-exploration-luxury-romance-active_sport-acacia-sun-adventures-16250
Have a glimpse at it. How did you find it?? All suggestions welcome….

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Reply by koshkha on June 09, 2009

That seems like a lot of money to me for an 11 day trip - does it include flights?

I'm also surprised that the Ngorongoro crater isn't on the itinerary and it seems a real shame to go all that way and not spend time on Zanzibar. For me Zanzibar and Ngorongoro were the best aspects of Tanzania (although admittedly we didn't go to Selous).

I did a month in Africa about 14 years ago, travelling on a truck, staying in tents paying about $1000 for the entire trip so I was completely at the other end of the luxury spectrum to your visit but to be honest I prefered Malawi and Zambia to Tanzania. Tanzania is dirt poor - you notice when you cross the border to Malawi that the Malawians have 'mud' so they can make bricks - and the tour I was on was involved in an armed robbery just before I joined them so there was always an underlying current of something nasty when we were in Tanzania.

These places are great year round - I was there in December and it was hot and dry but nothing you couldn't deal with. My friend went in Septemeber and found it quite cool. The weather can be a factor in you want to minimise the malaria risks but these are pretty high all year round.


Reply by faurec on June 10, 2009

I looked at the link and agree that tour is tempting. However, like koshkha said, it is a lot of money and I notice you have to add your airfare etc. Agreed, cost is a relative.

Personally I think that once you have come all the way to Tanzania, you should include at least Zanzibar. Ngorongoro is great, but to a degree a duplication of your planned trip.



Reply by EmWaddell on June 26, 2009

Hi there,
I grew up in Kenya and recently went to Tanzania to work at a lodge on Lake Victoria and that is definitely one place you do not want to miss! Ngorongoro crater, Zanzibar, Pemba, Pangani, Serengeti, Lake Victoria, Dar Es Salaam are all must see places! Mafia Island and Kilwa ruins are also meant to be wonderful. Best time to travel there is August-Feb as it is the hottest time of year and you are guaranteed great weather, although that is also the high season so everything will be far more expensive. I stayed at Lake Victoria for one month in April and although it rained at night, during the day the sun was out and weather was beautiful! The tour you found looks interesting however I think that is very expensive for an 11 day tour! You may want to look into George Mavroudis safaris (the owner of the lodge I worked at) as he does excellent tours in different parts of Tanzania and some go through the Masai Mara in Kenya as well. Here is the link: http://www.safarisandexpeditions.com/lodge.php?id_lodge=2
Enjoy and best of luck! Please don't hesitate to ask if you have any other questions!

Reply by Manka 74 on January 09, 2010

Last time I was there was in mid June to mid July, great weather, had to have a light jacket at times. My wife is from there so we were in Dar-es-Salaam , Moshi, Arusha, and ened up in Dodoma. As far as prices for trips depends how little or how much you want to pay and how long you stay. Check out www.suprbtourssafaris.com great outfit that will tailor your trip to what you want instead of just taking you to where they want to go. We spent an evening with the Maasai for example, did Ngorongora Crater, day hike up Mount Kilimanjaro , Zanzibar, and a lot of meeting with the locals. If contacting the above tell them that Tom from the US sent you and they will take very good care of you!


Reply by MilwVon on January 09, 2010

I think that is pretty high, but it is also billed as a "luxury" safari (whatever that means).

I'm in the process of planning a Kenya/Tanzania safari for 12 days in Aug/Sept 2011 at hopefully the height of the migration season. For two of us, the safari (accommodations in nice lodges including one "tent style lodge", meals, safari transportation to include wildlife/game drives) will be $2,400pp if there are four of us and $3,000 if just two.

We will fly in/out of Nairobi and the 12 day tour will start/end there as well.

Airfare into Nairobi is on our own (roughly $1,700-$2,300 for coach from Chicago or Milwaukee).

I am working with Peter at MICS to design a custom trip to hit all of the places we want to see and experience. Here is the roughed out itinerary:

Day 1: Nairobi to Maasai Mara.: Mara Simba Lodge
Day 2: Maasai mara : Mara Simba lodge
Day 3: Maasai mara to Lake Nakuru : Lake Nakuru Lodge
Day 4: Lake Nakuru to Amboseli :Oltukai Lodge
Day 5: Full day Amboseli : Oltukai Lodge
Day 6: Amboseli to Lake Manyara : Lake Manyara Serena Hotel
Day 7: Lake Manyara to Serengeti : Serengeti Sopa Lodge
Day 8: Full day Serengeti : Serengeti Sopa Lodge
Day 9: Serengeti to Ngorongoro : Ngorongoro Sopa Lodge
Day 10: Ngorongoro to Tsavo West : Voyager Ziwani Safari Camp
Day 11: Tsavo West to Tsavo East : Ashnil Aruba Lodge
Day 12: Tsavo East to Nairobi



Reply by nofootprint on February 07, 2010

We had a fabulous trip there in Sept . For me if I had to pick ,the Serengetti was the best part . We had a private tour arranged with Base Camp Tanzania. They had wonderful reviews online a didn't disappoint. We also went to the Ngorongoro Crater and Zanzibar. The lodges were wonderful as were the safaris.
I highly recommend a private tour. You see so much more. We saw people crammed into jeeps and were happy we had the jeep and driver to ourselves.
The price you are quoted seems quite high and I would really consider seeing the Serengetti .
Here's a link to my trip if you would like to take a peak .

To the poster above. We used MICS for the Kenyan part of our trip . They were very good. Have a nice trip.

Reply by kjbird on February 28, 2010

I would like to know which outfitter you decided to go with and how it went if you have returned. I hope you took your replies seriously and looked around for the best deal for your money. I took a luxury safari and paid lots. It was the trip of a lifetime and I have no regrets, but I could have likely gotten off cheaper.

Reply by apriljune on June 17, 2010

hi guys,

actually I've never been in this country before even the place. it seems you have a great time speeding your trip and am so happy to hear that. can you post some of the pics you've been so i can see whats that place.

Reply by ExodusTravels on June 18, 2010


Great country to pick! I know you can't see all of these things in one trip, but would recommend:

- Kilimanjaro
- the Serengeti
- the Ngorongoro Crater
- Zanzibar
- Mikumi reserve
- the Usambara Mountains
- Mt Meru

Have an amazing trip and you need more info/options, take a look at:


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