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IgoUgo website and its great deficiencies

Posted by ihuddle on April 03, 2012

I was seeking a flight from Bangkok, Thailand to Manchester, United Kingdom.
i was amazed to find that neither the international airport in Bangkok, nor Manchester UK, exist according to IgoUgo - simply amazing. What a lot of business they must be losing - but with such a name what can one expect.

Reply by ihuddle on April 03, 2012

As an addition to the above, I was also surprised that their website Forum argues with the name of my home city and requests a "hometown" (rather than city) when confused. Also it takes 6 entries of the correct password to get their website to accept registration. What Wallies! I think English is not their nativer language (or else the paid an amateur (not a very good one!) to set up their website.


Reply by nik'smomStaff on April 03, 2012

Dear ihuddle,

Welcome! We thank you for your comments and appreciate that each of our members helps us to improve the user experience and to become a better IgoUgo.

Kind regards,
Terre for The IgoUgo Team

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