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Posted by Travel Ninja on February 18, 2009

I'm going back to the Galapagos with Quasar Expeditions (http://www.galapagosexpeditions) this fall, and this time I'll be bringing a "shortie" wet suit for snorkeling the cool waters. Does anyone know a good brand, or whether I should just rent one in the Galapagos for the trip duration?


Reply by koshkha on February 19, 2009

Personally I'd go for a long wetsuit, 5 or 7 mm thick - or a longjohn if you don't like your arms restricted.

We went a few years back and the water is much colder than we expected and we were able to rent wetsuits on the boat. However, they didn't have enough for everyone and I'd have been gutted if they didn't have one for me. So it's a good idea to take your own. If you are only going to snorkel, I'd not worry about the brand. The main choice would probably be whether you want a front or back zip and how much you want to spend.

If I went again, I'd scout around on eBay for a cheap second hand suit and leave it on the boat afterwards - you can probably do that for less than the cost of renting.


Reply by Rebecca.Dillard on May 01, 2009

I think buying a wet suit beforehand would be good......


Reply by koshkha on May 04, 2009

Just keep in mind the weight limits on the flights - the last thing you want is a soggy wetsuit putting you over the limit on the way back.

Buy only if you are the sort of person who really wants to look their best - personally I don't care what I look like so long as I'm warm but if you are exceptionally large - small - short - tall - a different size uptop than down below - then you might want to take your own to avoid finding you can't get one that fits right. There's nothing worse than trying to swim in a wetsuit where the crotch is halfway to your knees.

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