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Is an Israel trip with ITC in May a good idea?

Posted by on February 05, 2012

Has anyone done an Israel tour with Israel Tour Connection? We've given a deposit, but I recently read some 5 year old reviews which were highly negative and now I'm worried. And the threat of war with Iran makes me even more uneasy about this trip? What was your experience with this tour company? Should we cancel our travel plans altogether?


Reply by Alice2365 on May 20, 2012

Do not worry, there will be no war in the region. My family lives in Israel and everything is OK there: safe, quiet and stable.
May is the best time to come there. Do not hesitate much until there will be hot as in hell.
Last year I took a private tour guide from goldcarpet.
As far as I know they also have organized group tours to all the directions in Israel.
Take the first plane and have much fun!

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